My vision is to make art more influential and  available to the world by posting freely to the internet. Some folks do not have the money or wall space to collect art and perhaps do not have access to museums.

Hopefully they can still learn to appreciate and be inspired by online art.

I am posting from the show floor of a Helena Montana art show this weekend. More details to follow when I get more time.

Here are todays images.


Rushing to get packed up for our Montana Artists Gathering and Show in Helena Friday and Saturday.  Tomorrow is drive and setup day. So I will not write much today.

Several more in my foil series today plus a photo of a glass of whisky that you may recognize as a layer in some of these other images.

  • 3673, Elephant
  • 3674, Ring of Fire
  • 3675, Chastity Belt
  • 3676, UFO
  • 3677, Tangential
  • 3678, Hound Dog


My vision is to leverage my art and words to make a difference in the world.  I want to  help thousands to freely enjoy my work and hopefully be influenced by my artwork. Of course I would like my artwork to support my spending habits as well.

I am starting to express some of my ideas with writing as well as painting.  Hopefully my messages for improving ourselves, our world and our experience within this planet and it’s deteriorating ability to sustain us all can make a difference in thousands, even millions of lives. This sounds like I am aiming way to high for an obscure beginning artist, but if I don’t aim high, I have little chance of fulfilling my vision.

Foil Wrap Series and Environmental Impact

Todays paintings give the illusion of having been painted on foil. Do you remember the days before plastic and foil wrap? The history of foil from Wikipedia:

“Foil made from a thin leaf of tin was commercially available before its aluminium counterpart.[2] In the late 19th century and early 20th century, tin foil was in common use, and some people continue to refer to the new product by the name of the old one. Tin foil is stiffer than aluminium foil.[3] It tends to give a slight tin taste to food wrapped in it, which is a major reason it has largely been replaced by aluminium and other materials for wrapping food.”

Glass lids, metal lids, wax paper and dish towels were what my parents and grandparents used to cover leftovers or picnic food. Plastic bags of some form were patented in the 1950s. But did not come into general shopping bag use until the 1960s. Some countries and cities see the problem clearly and have outlawed plastic shopping bags. But we have a lot of habits to change to get most people to convert to a reusable economy from a throw away society.

My environmentally conscious friends understand the energy waste and impact of using plastic and tinfoil as throw away solutions. Our grandparents did not have the choice to be so wasteful. Most of them would not have spent their hard earned money on throw away solutions. Simply washing a dish is so much easier on the environment.


  • 3666, Bubble Super Lite
  • 3667, Bubble Lite
  • 3668, Bubble
  • 3669, Bubble Dark
  • 3670, Dark Dark Bubble
  • 3671, Super Dark Bubble

The Antithesis of Radical Change

Today is like tip toeing into change, keeping everything the same except the brightness. These “Bubble” paintings are all the same with a slight change in the “lightness”.

A Frog in Hot Water

This reminds me of the story of the frog placed in a pot of cool water and put on the stove to slow cook.  If the change happened quickly and you put him in hot water he would jump out. But if the change happens slowly the frog will not react quick enough to save his own life.

Changing Climate With Our Diets, Appetites, Cars, Buildings, & Waste

And that reminds me of the changing carbon dioxide level and climate we are seeing. We have not reacted to the slow change and are approaching the dangerous level where we may not be able to keep the ice caps from melting, the sea levels from wiping out all of our coastal towns and drought and floods that make it difficult to feed the survivors.

  • We keep building inefficient, inexpensive housing requiring lots of heating and cooling.
  • We buy inefficient, inexpensive gas guzzling transportation for single drivers.
  • We eat in a way that not only makes us sick, but contributes greatly to climate change.
  • We manufacture, market and buy things we don’t need which keeps us subject to political control and poverty and continued inaction.
  • 3660, Super Fade
  • 3661, Faded
  • 3662, Spelunking
  • 3663, Evening Exploration
  • 3664, Pastel Tapestry
  • 3665, Glory


I am calling this series “Tapestry” and or “Vintage”. I am still trying to keep with a semi vintage pallet here.  But what do these images represent in your mind?

My dream is to help with my paintings. How?

  • By making them available freely on the internet,
  • at nearly throw away pricing as prints.
  • By showing other artists how they can become more productive.
  • By offering subscription monthly pricing via Patreon.com
  • By introducing uplifting themes and titles that help stretch the imagination.
  • By helping adjust to change

The increasing rate of change in our world is something our mind has a hard time extrapolating. We think in terms of linear constant rates of change, but the world  is operating on geometric rates of change. So while the world changes like a parabola, we think it is going to change like a straight line.

Fighting change leads to misery, but adapting to change leads to the good life. You can never loose if you adopt the right mind set. You are always either winning or learning. But with the wrong mind set, you try really hard to prevent the inevitable change from entering you life and naturally you are going to loose and become depressed.

So while you may love appreciating yet another landscape or yet another portrait, I offer you the chance to learn to appreciate yet another image that is nothing like you have ever seen before. Your ability to learn to appreciate change is key in improving the rest of your life.

  • 3650, Birds Eye View
  • 3651, Burnt Ground
  • 3652, Levitating
  • 3653, TeePee Ground Coffee
  • 3654, Planetary Outpost
  • 3655, Battle Lines of Coffee
  • 3656, Ground Zero, Spill One
  • 3657, Dawning of Coffee
  • 3658, Exploding Coffee Grounds
  • 3659, Weeping Grounds


Spiritual Artistry

Growing up I held the belief that all of my accomplishments were due to factors within my mind and body. But over time I’ve come to understand that there are forces beyond my comprehension that I have helped me throughout my life.

For a long time I chalked up my good fortune to skill, luck and serendipity. But I now realize that this is just too much coincidence and there is something more behind the joy and good fortune I have experienced in my life.

I started my career as an artist two years ago at age 71 with no prior training. I have discovered that I am not the artist in control. I am the physical body acting through processes I don’t understand, aided by a higher power to choose next courses of action to create a pleasing image.

I don’t have to worry about my lack of skill or experience in art.  If I allow whatever has been aiding me my entire life to work through me, all I have to do is hold the brush and watch the magic happen.

The paintings I am posting today are part of what I’m calling my “grounds” series. This is because they are based on spilled coffee grounds and glancing morning sunlight on my kitchen counter.

Although my ego wants to feel like I am the creator of art, often I just provide the mechanics that renders an artistic image with the unseen aid of a muse, higher power, divine, God, or whatever you choose to label these helpers.

When I too consciously try to control the whole process, the results are predictably poor.