Yesterdays Images Posted Today

  • 3331, Infrastructure
  • 3332, Wonder
  • 3333, Sea Monster
  • 3334, Embedded
  • 3335, Thought Stream
  • 3336, Wizard

Yesterdays Images without comment. I am on the run today.


What Are The Keys To Improve Your Life

  • Key Thought

  • Key Deed
  • Key Virtue
  • Key Ability
  • Key health
  • Key progress
  • Key fitness
  • Key joy

We often focus on what is wrong with our lives and hence increase the causes for dissatisfaction and misery. If you can find the good things about your life, focus on them and incrementally improve them you can have a wonderful life no matter what your starting point.

Happy Days

Todays Paintings are as follows: The Rainbow Separation, Rainbow Boxes, Lavender Alteration, Samari Too, Double Samari, Locked In



Some days I have more happy accidents than others. This was one filled with happy accidents. I have heard what I do referred to as process painting. I almost never know where I am headed but just strike out in some direction that I think might be interesting. Then I keep working with a painting to see where it leads me. At some point I am either happy with it and move on to the next or frustrated and occasionally trash it.

This is still my Fences theme, but it probably should be called boxes or corrals now. But it still deals with limitations and sharp contrasts that exist at the borders of society and thought.

More on Fences And Limitations

Here are a few more Fence themed paintings  adding shadow pens and boxes in addition to linear structures. My viewpoint is that we are all limited by our experience and even more by our perspective and the particular brand of brain washing that we have been exposed to. We espouse to know that our perspective is the highest order and others should be ridiculed and converted to our belief systems. This will never help create a world that can live peacefully together. I propose that we listen with more open minds and attempt to walk a mile in the shoes of others.

I don’t like the way the color turned out in most of these. I have to be more careful at night to make sure my brightness is not automatically dimmed and color shifted.

  • 3311, Doubt
  • 3312, Reproach
  • 3313, On The Fence
  • 3314, Onward Leading
  • 3315, Wilted Hills
  • 3316, Interferrence

Putting Up Fences

  • 3305, Jogging Fences
  • 3306, Fading Fences
  • 3307, Foolish Fencing
  • 3308, Avocado Fence Line
  • 3309, Jogs
  • 3310, Jog World

A new but very simple theme today I am calling “Fences”. I usually try to give you a little more variety, but wanted to play around with coloring and didn’t have much time yesterday due to other activities.

These didn’t turn out very close to the vision I have for this series. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Meet My New Woven Series

You can see the great great grandfather of this series is in the upper right. With each generation grows more complex, not unlike real life generations of people. The painting in the lower left is actually part of a different as yet unnamed series.

  • 3293, Man Becoming One With Nature
  • 3294, Course Weave
  • 3295, Dark Interface
  • 3296, Fire Off The Mountain
  • 3297, Dark Horse
  • 3298, Deeply Woven