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Rock Inspired

Most of these images are inspired by our visit to Ringing Rocks. The sunset photo is called  “Pioneer Sunset”. Those are the Pioneer Mountains West of Dillon Montana. Yesterday was an awe inspiring day driving through Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. You will see some of those images later this week.


A Rocky Day of Creating Digital Images

This images were actually created last week, but I am just getting around to posting them today 7/18/2017.  I have broken my 72 day streak of creating and posting every day.  I think what really blew me out of the water was the loss of Internet connection. We were staying with friends for a week and I used up their monthly Verizon HotSpot wireless allowance. It takes quite a bit of bandwidth to upload these full sized images to my Web site. They probably average 75mb in size. I can still post the smaller versions to social media, but my Web site posting is the first part of my daily workflow and is my backup of images in case my computer fails.

We are in Park City and will be taking long day trips this week and attending a Thrive Life food convention next week, so I am giving myself permission to lighten up and skip a few more days during this work/vacation. We should be getting lots more reference photos and inspiration for future work.

Two of these images are based on my Ringing Rocks visit and one is based on a visit to what might have been the beaver head rock mentioned in Lewis and Clark journals. The weird ones are me playing around with a free application called Krita that I have not yet mastered.

Bannock Day Paintings

Collage created using TurboCollage software from

Today is Bannack Day!

We are visiting a friend in Dillon this week to attend the Butte Folk Music Festival last weekend and the Bannack Day celebration this weekend. Bannack is an old gold mining town in Montana that is now a Montana State Park. My grandfather homesteaded in Grant Montana and hauled gold ore from Bannack to the railroad near Grant with his team and wagon. Farming in Grant did not have a long enough season to sustain his family.

My mom was born in Grant. The neighbor was to be the midwife, but was busy baking bread and promised to come over when the bread came out of the oven. She refused the offer of grandfather’s horse and planned to walk over.  My grandfather sent my uncle and aunt walking the two miles to tell her to hurry as the baby was coming, but ended up delivering mom.

Here are the titles of the above paintings but not in order of appearance.

2960, Acrobatics

2961, Upwardly

2962, Summer Heat

2963, Beyond

2964, Point Of Rocks

2965, Devotion

Inspiration in Virginia City and Ennis

Artist Inspiration – Gallery Browsing and Wood Splitting

We spent the day yesterday browsing art galleries in Virginia City and Ennis. I enjoy looking to see how other artists work, display and vary their work. I particularly enjoy finding unique approaches to visual presentation. The kinds of things that you seldom see are really interesting to me.  We also helped our hostess and friend split wood using their electric wood splitter. New experiences are so valuable. My inspirational quote for today was Picaso saying “I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it.”

I have been creating drafts of my daily images in advance so that I can still have something to post when spending my days on other things.


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2954, Put On Your Smile  2955, Stick Our Your Tongue  2956, Put Out The Cat  2957, Enter Dreamland  2958, Dreamland Firmament  2959, Window to Dreamland