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About Rising Rims Digital Arts

A digital (mostly abstract) artist. Sharing my art freely and widely on social media to eventually grow some patronage and sales. Visit my galleries at

  • 3371, Mystery Back
  • 3372, Incoming Blue Spheres
  • 3373, White Hole Entrance
  • 3374, Missing The Target
  • 3375, Black Incoming
  • 3376, We Are What We 8

Here are todays digital paintings. I got carried away with changing the color on one painting but I like the way they all turned out. And the back side image is a slight contrast enhancement to one of yesterdays images.



Testing out posting from my iPad that has just been upgraded to iOS 11. The problem I have yet to solve is accessing my daily images in Dropbox. Using the new files app I can see my images and apparently download them. But where they end up, nobody knows (I have yet to discover) but will work on it.

Memories of “Nam”

  • 3359, Memory of Vietnam
  • 3360, Receeding
  • 3361, Machining
  • 3362, Global Gradient
  • 3363, Sector
  • 3364, Tri-Sector

I am not very proud of my Vietnam service record. I went where I was assigned without any political or social perspective of the situation. I felt that my assignment was too protected to put myself into the same category of vets who were more in harms way. I had no risk of dealing with agent orange or ptsd.  My riskiest times were a couple dark nights of guard duty on the perimeter of the largest Army post in country ( Long Binh) and a few helicopter rides and jeep rides to visit some outposts. But when trying to conjure up a name for the first painting above, Vietnam came to mind.

Haste Makes Waste

The upper right painting is called “Haste Makes Waste” and is my favorite of the day followed by the black and white image with hints of color titled “Hint of Heaven“. Here are the rest of the titles.

  • 3351, Lavender Diamonds
  • 3352, Power Play
  • 3353, Haste Makes Waste
  • 3354, Heaven and Earth
  • 3355, Hint of Heaven
  • 3356, Power Hungry
  • 3357, Loins
  • 3358, Post Climax

A Couple New Series, Mirrored and As Yet Untitled

You can probably tell the ones in blue are in the Mirrored Series. I have not yet come up with a series name for the others. Here are the titles:

  • 3337, Tunnels End
  • 3338, Dragon Pig Pile
  • 3339, Dragon Sketch
  • 3340, Become Not Afraid
  • 3341, Following The Thread
  • 3342, Holding Together
  • 3343, Hind Sight
  • 3344, Shared Experience

I don’t like the way they look in miniature. But full screen they pass my internal junk filter. You can see them full screen at if you are reading this within a week of 9/15/2017. I will move them to the Current gallery next week.