Superbowl Painting Advertisement  —  My 5 Best Paintings of 2018

Each Week I choose a best painting of the week. These are the picks for the last 5 weeks. The Superbowl is such a great event for advertisers that I am hoping to take advantage of possible searches.

Superbowl Artwork by Digital Painter Joel Bowers of

Kaleidoscope prints 23″x15″ or smaller on any medium
“Meteoric” prints 16″x27″ or smaller on any medium
“Teal Tells” prints 17″x21″ or smaller on any medium
“Pin Ball” prints 20″x15″ or smaller on any medium
“Circular Makeover” prints 30″x38″ or smaller on any medium

These are all available by special request. Contact me if you are interested.

Mass Distribution of Digital Paintings for a Song

If you have not been following me, I am a digital artist and I am trying to build a subscription art business where you have access to my paintings in digital form. This way you get to pick the size, the medium to print on, and the framing.

I am trying to gain experience with talking folks through printing them at a quality print service to create awesome original wall art from an artist you follow. There are printers like Walgreens, Costco etc in many towns but there are some real high end printers who do awesome quality work via the internet. I have used Bay Photo and White House Custom Color with success.

My goal is to be able to bring happiness to a massive amount of people at amazingly low price points. I am planning to distribute my work very widely some day. I want to be able to handle thousands without becoming the bottleneck in the process. I paint and post about 4 to 10 new paintings a day. This level of productivity is way more than is reasonable to market in the typical way.

I also have the goal of leading the way and helping other digital artists figure out how to serve a wider audience of collectors in a win-win way (with enough income to survive on).

Let me know if you think this as a totally unrealistic goal and have a better approach figured out. If you are interested in helping me along, please visit my page where I accept subscriptions.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as,,,,

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