• 3624, Almost Decayed
  • 3625, Almost Halloween
  • 3626, Pumpkin Supremacy
  • 3627, Fall Fright
  • 3628, Leaf Actors Monologue
  • 3629, Falling Into the Future
  • 3630, Something Fishy
  • 3631, Almost Too Vibrant


On Halloween Day it seems almost obligatory to post something that tries to capture the essence of fall. Unfortunately this has been stuck in the draft stage ever since. It is easier to publish it than to delete it. Working too late at night messes with the colors, so these are not ideal. But I am hesitant to go backwards. I feel I stretch myself by recognizing my mistakes and moving forward rather than infinitely trying to fix previous mistakes.


A few more images from my “Flow Series” today, Friday Nov 17.. I really like the larger right painting I call “Flesh Light”. I don’t know where this stuff is flowing too, but I am ready for a change again.  I seem to create a few too many images based on the same under layer and the results look a little too similar to me. But it does give me an opportunity to keep exploring and turn out one better version.

  • 3727, Shangrala
  • 3728, Enfoldings
  • 3729, Piercing
  • 3730, Flesh Light

I am visiting family in Vermont so am just barely keeping up with my paint and posting routine. The hardest part for me is the writing, so I will write less this week.


Tug Of War


Blue Snow


Dead and Dying

These were created on the show floor of last weeks Art Show and Sale. I was sort of demonstrating and painting during the few lulls in traffic.

I am lucky not to know where the next painting is leading me. I often have no idea what to paint next, but just start choosing different brushes, different colors and creating random brush strokes. Then I start adding layers or adjusting things until the result starts to look a little better to me. I feel like most paintings are creating themselves or leading me into creating them.

Yesterday was spent flying to Vermont and my posting regularity may be a little erratic this week as I spend some time with family.